For over fifty years the Pedró and Subirats families have been innovating and gaining recognition in the world of delicatessens and tasting.

The first store, La Garriga, opened its doors 1959, founded by Joan Pedró Satorres in Tenerife. The store offered products which at that time were completely unknown on the island: Iberian sausages, botifarra of all kinds, llonganissa from Vic, and artisan cheeses. What the shop did that had never been done before was to combine a delicatessen with tasting. At La Garriga you could try products and also buy them to take home.

Six years later, in 1965, a new shop was opened in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It became quite popular. According to the shop's story, to promote it, all of the customers who came to shop were invited to drink from a traditional porrón.

This same model was followed in the shop opened in Sitges (Barcelona) in 1968. The new shop offered locals and visitors alike the best in delicatessen products from the Iberian Peninsula. Later, in 1971, another La Garriga was opened on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, and in 1978, a La Garriga was opened in Zaragoza, again by Joan Pedró Satorres.

 With their extensive experience and track record in the sector, the husband and wife team of Josep Pedró and Maria Subirats have managed to continue to grow and become stronger over many years using their delicatessen and tasting model, and now have three stores in Madrid (one on Paseo de la Castellana 153, one on Calle Serrano 93 opened in 2012, and one on Calle Génova 21 opened in 2015) as well as two in Barcelona (one on Calle Jacinto Benavente 8 opened in 1982, and one on Calle Mallorca 272 opened in 2014).​

The twenty-first century brought with it new opportunities for this growing family business which is now also home to the four Pedró and Subirats brothers, the third generation to take the helm at La Garriga. This third generation has already opened two stores and taken on the challenges of maintaining quality, innovating and finding the best exclusive products that have made La Garriga stand out from the crowd over the years. They’ve brought the same passion and commitment to their customers that distinguished the first shop founded more than a half century before.  




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Barcelona Sarrià

Jacinto Benavente, 8 - 08017 Barcelona

Tel. +34 932 014 597


Barcelona Eixample 

Mallorca, 272 - 08037 Barcelona 

Tel. +34 934 874 765


Barcelona Glòries 

Glòries Centre Comercial  

Planta-1 kiosc k4 i k5

Avda., Diagonal, 198 - 08018 Barcelona  

Tel. +34 938 537 883

Madrid Castellana

Pso. de la Castellana, 153 - 28046 Madrid

Tel. +34 915 700 139


Madrid Serrano

Serrano, 93 Madrid

Tel. +34 915 646 493


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